Nov 18, 2014

Spreading Holiday Cheer with Minted [GIVEAWAY!]

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Isn't it glorious? CHRISTMAS CARD SEASON IS UPON US! I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a huge fan of Christmas. I mean, who isn't? One of my favorite traditions when the holiday season rolls around is sending out Christmas cards to all our family and friends. In fact, since D and I have been married, we've sent out a family Christmas card each year! I love rifling through our photos from the year and creating special collage of memories to mail off to our nearest and dearest. It's the perfect way to remind your loved ones that you miss them, are thinking of them, and wish them all the best in the coming new year. Truth be told, there have been years where I felt too busy, too wrapped up in life to even choose a card to send. But then I remember how important it is to spread holiday cheer (and keep snail mail alive!) and I somehow find the time to design the perfect holiday card. Thankfully, Minted makes the whole Christmas card process super easy, customizable, and just so much darn fun to do!

Curated by some of the most creative independent artists from across the globe, Minted goes above and beyond providing the highest quality of service, premium paper selections, and timeless designs sure to please even the pickiest of paper goods-lovers. I am constantly impressed by the standard of service I get from every Minted order I place. Not to mention, they're always putting themselves ahead of the curve with each new product they introduce! Did you know Minted can also print custom menus for your holiday dinner? Or design beautiful invites for your yearly Christmas party? They've even got holiday cards that double as ornaments to dress up your tree! If that's not holiday creativity, I don't know what is?! Still not convinced you should be ordering your holiday cards via Minted? Take a look at a few of my holiday card favorites and see why Minted is committed to sharing only the best with your loved ones this year. And bonus points if you can guess which card in the line-up is the one we chose as our card for this holiday season! :)

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Christmas is right around the corner, friends! Don't waste any more time! Enter the $150 Minted credit giveaway below and then head on over to Minted to start creating your perfect holiday card today! 
And hey, send me one, won't you? :)

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Oct 8, 2014

Moving with Minted [GIVEAWAY!]

Moving has to be one of the least fun activities in the world. Granted, there's a fair share of excitement at the prospect of relocating to a new city, living in a new home, and starting a new life with unlimited possibilities...but the actual act of physically moving boxes, changing addresses, and unpacking is the total pits. It's even less fun when you go through the same song and dance every three years, like clockwork (thank you, Air Force!). But there is one thing I look forward to with every move (and even more so with our most recent move and purchase of our first home!)...sending out cute moving announcements! I love any excuse to send snail mail, especially mail that's printed on high-quality paper, easily customized, and thoughtfully curated by some of the most creative independent artists in the world. That's where Minted comes in!

Minted is my go-to for all things paper. Christmas cards, wall art, invitations, & business name it, I've bought it and customized it with Minted. So, it was a no-brainer when D and I decided we needed to share our new address with our friends and family in a fun way. Not only does Minted carry moving announcements in various styles and wording, but they also provide a quality paper product every. single. time. They've even upped their game and now offer The Minted Envelope, design-matched envelopes and recipient addressing for your orders! And let me tell you, these envelopes are C-U-T-E! Not interested in ultra chic envelopes? Minted can hook you up with fun skinny wrap address labels available at a super low cost. We sprung for these with my last Christmas card order and LOVED the added touch. Even though we're coming out of the biggest moving season of the year, here's a round-up of the insanely adorable moving announcements I've been gawking over:

Got a big move coming up? Make sure all your family and friends don't miss your milestone (and new address!)...send them a Minted Moving Announcement! I can't wait to share which one we chose to send to our loved ones! Not moving? Check out their wide variety of holiday cards, wall art, and wedding invitations. Every occasion, Minted's got your back. And they're giving one of my lucky readers $150 credit to get a paper project started! Awesome, right? ENTER BELOW!!

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